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Remotely Renee

Episode · 1 year ago

Ep 1 - Remotely Renee IRL


Welcome to the first episode of Remotely Renee, launching on Renee’s birthday! This podcast is unlike any other podcast you’ve listened to before because it is really more like a show. It’s going to be fun! In this episode, we introduce our new weekly features, such as Remote Score Board and Remotely Random. We also discuss the Roy Jones Jr vs. Mike Tyson fight, the return of free agency, and the sale of Reebok for $1 billion dollars, along with several other topics. Enjoy the episode and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with your friends!

  • Remote Score Board (2:43)
  • Remotely Random (12:43)
  • Remotely Social (14:46)
  • R.A.P. Remotely Ask Paul Anything (23:31)
  • Remote Show and Tell (29:11)
  • Remotely Ranting (34:12)
  • Remote 1:1 (45:01)
  • Remote/Renee’s Riddles (58:01)
  • Remote Reviews (1:02:56)
  • Remote Roots (1:09:09)
  • Remote Roses (1:15:55)

Renee Montgomery (Host) – a West Virginia native, graduated from UConn in 2009 and also went undefeated to win a national championship that year. She was then drafted 4th in the WNBA and went on to win 2 WNBA championships while also being named an all-star and 6th woman of the year in her 11-year current career. Renee is now known for her activism due to sitting out of the 2020 WNBA season.

Nicole Young – Renee's sister. common sense devoted wife and mother of 4 Young men living in MD. Navigating family life, corporate world, homeschooling, and sanity in front of a computer screen.

Snook – Renee's Mom. Mother of 3 Beautiful Daughters and GG to a slew of the most wonderful grandchildren (in my opinion). Blessed to be living my best life retired and tuned in to my faith, family, and friends!

Paul Guarino – Renee’s manager. Founder of PG Sports. Everywhere and Anywhere since 2011

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