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Ep 11 - Dear Basketball IRL


Welcome to Episode 11 of Remotely Renee. As always, thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

This episode is epic! Renee begins the episode with her 2-Lit Crew taking a poll of what is their favorite basketball All Star Event. Everyone gives their opinion on why they chose their favorite event and also gives some ideas on what they would want to see with all star events between different sports.

Then Renee surprises the 2-Lit Crew for Remotely Random with the The Hood Sorceress Christina, who gives them a gives everyone a glimpse into how the stars are aligned for each of them. She exposes the deep astrological signs of each of the 2-lit crew. Everyone is surprised by her complete accuracy about their love language.

On Remote Scoreboard Paul talks workouts with Peloton. Peloton is working its way of the charts for Celebrity workouts and signings. Also on Remote Scoreboard, they talk baseball money and who should be the highest paid the across all sports?

Finally All Star game or No All star game, everyone gives their opinion whether the players should or should not participate and their reservations.

Dante Simpson is our Hero IRL talking about ESPAT and ESPAT TV. He gives some insight into his partnership with Ridgley Creative group and mixing gaming and e-sports content. He also talks bringing different cultural content to not only the sports world but also the e-sports world. Lastly he gives his goals for ESPAT in 2021 giving us a look into his great vision and excitement about the future.

With Remotely Roses Nitasha Ali joins us to give out our roses this week. Nitasha is a teacher in Chicago who is also very big on TikTok and she gives Renee and the 2 –Lit Crew awesome clues to her Remote Roses pick. She also shares a great story about teaching the wonderful children in elementary school.

Remote 1-on-1 Renee sits down with Brandon Copeland. Brandon talks about graduating from an Ivy League school and playing for the New England Patriots. He also expands on how he returned to his Ivy League school to teach a course on life. He gives his roses to his grandfather who was also in the league and understood how to nurture his love for the game and driving home the importance of getting his education.

Remote Roots Snook tells of West Virginia’s greatest love story that gave birth to the HBCU that still stands today. She gives all the intricate details and sets the stage for a great black history event that tells how Institute, WV came to be. This story is packed with love, violence, wealth, and finally victory!

Tune in to hear Snook school Renee and the 2-Lit Crew about West Virginia State University.
Finally “Dear Basketball” …. Renee talks about her career and gives a big announcement that only Renee can share.

Listen in to hear the rest of the show and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends!

Remote Random: 5:20
Remote Scoreboard: 21:21
Hero IRL: 31:06
Remote Roses: 41:45
Remote 1-on-1: 52:12
Remote Roots: 59:00

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