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Ep 16 - Non-Fungible Tokens IRL


Welcome to Episode 16 of Remotely Renee. As always thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

This episode begins with Renee touching on several subjects with the 2-Lit Crew. She begins the episode by sharing her recent adulting experience in the boardroom. She introduces her new jerseys (now on sale) and her foundations’ upcoming virtual events. Renee and the 2-Lit Crew also weigh in on her Top Shot giveaway and all the excitement surrounding the collectible moments.

Remote Scoreboard Paul talks real estate on Derek Jeter and Lebron James home listings. Next, Paul shocks the Crew with the top sport betting states, and spoiler alert; it’s not Las Vegas. Then Renee and the 2-Lit Crew ponder how much would you bet on yourself?

Snook shares her betting story, and then they all share if they would bet the house on themselves.

Remote 1-on-1 Renee sits down with Colleen Quigley, a supermodel who is now preparing for the Olympics in track and field. They discuss her beginning in many sports and dancing, and she did not start her career in track until her freshman year in high school while modeling. She shared her decision to go to college at FSU instead of pursuing a modeling career.

Remote roots this week Snook continues with Women’s month by highlighting her personal friend Pam Morris-Walton “The Gospel Sister.” Snook talked about their friendly beginnings in West Virginia. She walks us through her career and gives a glimpse into her spiritual experience while waiting to receive a new heart. Renee and the 2Lit Crew congratulate her on her success with her new book that documents her journey called 57 Days.

Happening IRL Chloe Pavlech walked her through her career, starting with Uconn and how she ended up in current business ventures with a marketing company. She shares how she helped build a brand with She Hoops and then made a big move with Together Marketing Company.

Remote Roses Chloe Pavlech gives all the roses to her ace since Day 1. Her mother, Mrs. Lauren Pavlech. Cole’s answer causes some controversy but puts Cole on the board.

Congratulations to Susan Burse on winning the Top Shot Moment giveaway!!!

Listen in to hear the rest of the show, and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends

  • Remote Scoreboard: 14:00
  • Remote 1-on-1: 24:15
  • Remote Roots: 33:04
  • Happening IRL: 42:15
  • Remote Roses: 49:39

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