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Ep 17 - Being Allies IRL


Welcome to Episode 17 of Remotely Renee. As always thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

Episode 17 starts with the STOP ASIAN HATE! Georgia Tech tennis player Victoria Flores joined the show to share a very hurtful and dangerous situation. Renee and 2-Lit Crew show support and talk the powerful message and stop hate in any form.

Remote Scoreboard this week touches on FCF success and the possibility of FCB, Fan Controlled Basketball.

Paul talks about the stats and the surprising success, and the 2-Lit Crew agrees that fan-controlled sports could be successful for any sport. Paul also talks about Lebron and the buy into the Redsox. The 2-Lit Crew talks about Lebron’s accomplishments off the court with his philanthropy and other ventures. During the Remote Scoreboard, Paul was given some roses for being a great manager and person.

They all chime in to let Paul know they truly appreciate him and explain why others appreciate him as well. Finally, Renee and the 2-Lit Crew discuss the disparaging differences between the food and the amenities at the NCAA women’s and men’s basketball tournament this year. They ended their discussion with a call to parity for the women’s tournament.

Renee with 1-On-1 with Tina Lifford, the renowned actress on Queen Sugar. She shared with Renee that she always knew she wanted to be an actress and how her parents recognized her gift and nurtured it. Tina also discussed her journey to stardom.

Remote Roots Snook takes a break in women’s month to honor a friend Ivor Sheff that recently passed away. Ivor Sheff is a friend whom Snook has known since the ’70s and helped Snook complete one of her bucket list items. He owned a boutique and sold clothing and beautiful jewelry. Snook reminisced about his kind heart and gave a moving tribute to a great friend.

Khristina Wiliams joins Renee and the 2-Lit Crew to hand out roses during Remote Roses. Khristina surprised the Crew with clues for two separate sets of roses. The competition is getting close.

Renee ends the show by opening an NBA Top Shot that she will give away!

Listen in to hear the rest of the show, and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends

  • Happening IRL 3:55
  • Remote scoreboard 21:30
  • Remote 1-on-1: 44:32
  • Remote Roots: 49:50
  • Remote Roses: 55:40

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