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Ep 20 - Detroit Ties IRL


Welcome to Episode 20 of Remotely Renee. As always thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

On this episode of Remotely Renee, the 2-Lit Crew and Renee start the show by ranking their favorite WNBA rebel jerseys with some surprising results.

On Remote Scoreboard, we have a guest! Cornelius K9 Bundrage joins us to give his take on Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and his announcement of his 500 million dollar investment into Detroit residents. Paul also asks who would like to be compensated in bitcoin? There’s an even split on those against being paid via bitcoin versus cash. Two of the 2-Lit Crew are not fans of payment in any form of cryptocurrency.

Cornelius K9 Bundrage also joins us live in Happening IRL to give us insight into his training Ben Askren (MMA Fighter) to fight Jake Paul. He also shares that he wants to be respected as a trainer, the same as a fighter. He has high hopes for the fight and thinks it will be a great matchup!

NBA Top shot is still hot! Renee continues to open packs every week and give them away. The NBA top shot game is coming, and contestants will be chosen to play with Renee and the 2-lit Crew. So listen in, rate, and subscribe to win!

Remote 1-On-1 Renee sits down with CC Sabathia, former MLB player for the New York Yankees, and they talk about his early career going into the minor league at the age of 17. He talks about adjusting to the minor leagues, moving into the major league, and becoming a Black Ace.

Remote Roots Snook revisits Fannie Pearl and her gotcha (kidnapped) moment and how she ended up in a small coal-mining town called Anawalt, West Virginia.

Lisa Lee, Renee’s best friend, joins the 2-Lit Crew and Renee for Remote Roses. Snook was close, but Lisa walks away with a win! No points were awarded this week, but the Remotely Renee cast agrees that Lisa needs to join again during Remote Roots for some great stories.

More information will be posted for the NBA Top Shot game coming soon, so listen in to find out how you can become a contestant!

Listen in to hear the rest of the show, and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends!

Remote Scoreboard 7:14
Happening IRL: 23:28
Remotely Top Shot: 31:00
Remote 1-On-1: 37:40
Remote Roots: 45:35
Remote Roses: 57:50
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