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Ep 23 - Saucy Ventures IRL


May the 4th be with you! Renee welcomes the 2-Lit Crew in with Stars Wars. But Snook let everyone know that she is a Trekkie.

In Remote Scoreboard, Paul talks about Marshawn Lynch’s new investment in MMA tournaments. Renee and the 2-Lit Crew debate boxing versus MMA. Who are the top apparel companies in the world? The results are shocking. Trevor Lawrence signed major deals before he drafted. NFT’s and Cryptocurrency make another appearance during the scoreboard. Finally, Renee and the 2 Lit Crew discuss sauces. Paul informs the 2-Lit Crew that Patrick Mahomes has a new barbeque sauce named after him. The 2-Lit Crew quickly contemplates starting their sauce empire but promptly diverts to praising Chic-fil-a sauces.

Happening IRL is Kenny Mayne, ESPN broadcaster and founder of Run Freely. He talks about his broadcasting career, How he got started with ESPN, and why he started Run Freely. He gives us insight into why Run Freely is a great organization that helps veterans and

Remotely Top Shot, Renee, and the 2-Lit Crew open and give away more NFT’s. But keep viewing and find out how you can get a chance to be a contestant in the Remotely Top Shot game!

Remote 1-On-1 this week Renee sits down with shelly Bell, founder of Black Girl Ventures. She talks about how her path changed many times before finding her calling and leveled up with Nike.

Remote Roots this week is going into the ground. Snook takes us to wild and wonderful WV and shows us how to grow potatoes. Then the 2-Lit Crew talks about their country roots.

We had a surprise guest this week for Remote Roses. Sirena Grace hands out roses to Gabrielle Union, Renee gains another point and the 2-Lit Crew claim collusion!

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  • Remote Scoreboard: 2:00
  • Happening IRL: 15:00
  • Remote Top Shot: 28:16
  • Remotely 1-on-1: 31:44
  • Remote Roots: 43:30
  • Remote Roses: 50:58

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