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Ep 24 - WNBA Bombs and Moms IRL


Welcome to Episode 24 of Remotely Renee. Thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

Happy Mother’s Day! Renee welcomes in the 2-lit Crew and says Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, especially mothers in the WNBA organization. Right before the scoreboard, Renee announces her new venture in theatre.

Remote Scoreboard Paul talks more about cryptocurrency, and Snook is now a believer. She is ready to invest. This week Paul talks about music artists using sports jerseys as advertisements for upcoming albums. The 2-Lit Crew says this a great and creative idea. Paul continues to talk music and informs Remotely Renee cast about DJ Khaled’s new album drop and automatically hits number 1 on the charts.

Renee and the 2-Lit Crew talk gaming, and Nintendo sales are through the roof!

Twitter and Tips? Twitter now allows you to receive money in a tip jar. The Remotely Renee cast says they are going to open their jars for donations!

Happening IRL Cheryl Coward from Hoopfeed joins us live and gives us the predictions on the upcoming WNBA season. She also reminds us that the WNBA is young, and the WNBA is further in growth than the NBA was in its 25th year. Renee also asks her about her 2021 championship predictions.

Remotely 1-on-1 this week, Renee sit’s down with Lisa Borders, former WNBA president and current founder of her podcast called Enlightened. She talks about her ventures as the WNBA president and how she brought the Atlanta Dream to Atlanta. She ends her interview with a special message for Snook about cryptocurrency.

Remote Roses Snook has a special tribute to the special mothers in her life, her daughters. The touching tribute has everyone appreciating their mother and the special mothers in their lives. Renee asks Snook and Cole what Mother’s Day means to them, and Paul said that he’s a great son and celebrates his mother all year long.

Remote Roses Jasmine Baker joins us to give out roses to a DJ but a strategist for women’s basketball in Kenya. Jasmine stumps Renee and the 2-Lit Crew and gains a point!

Listen in to hear the rest of the show, and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends!

Remote Scoreboard: 4:51
Happening IRL: 27:27
Remote 1-on-1: 40:40
RemoteRoots: 50:55
Remote Roses: 1:03:21

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