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Ep 25 - Starting 5 IRL


Welcome to Episode 25 of Remotely Renee. Thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

Remotely Renee started with a tribute to the new WNBA season! Renee welcomes in the 2 Lit Crew, and Snook gave us a look into her fun experience going to an Atlanta Hawks game and going to the first game of the season for the Atlanta Dream!

Renee announces her NFT’s that are going international! Stay tuned for the big reveal on May 21st!

Remote Scoreboard this week is Paul reveals the followers for all the major sports combined barely beat the following of 3 famous soccer players. Then they discuss the Forbes top paid athletes with a missing piece – women. Then they discuss endorsements and why baseball doesn’t have the endorsements that other sports have. Shaq’s investments list blow the cast of Remotely Renee away. Webster’s dictionary is getting in on the NFT craze! Cole is asking Chic fila, where is the sauce? The 2-Lit Crew weighs in on what is happening with the sauce shortage. Paul’s bonus scoreboard was Cole’s bowling experience on Mother’s Day!

Happening IRL this week features Heartlent Group. They give a breakdown of the concepts and ideas behind Renee’s amazing NFT’s! We are excited with anticipation of the big moment!
Remote Game Show is here! This is the pilot, and our guest contestant is Bryce Young! He answers 3 out of five, and the cast of Remotely Renee told him he needs to watch more shows! Become a contestant win instant money and a top shot!!

Remote 1-on-1 Renee sits down with Grant Gustin, the Flash! Grant tells us when he started acting. Grant talks about his mom and how she saw his talent before he knew he had talent. He also let us know about his first day on the set of the Flash.

Remote Roots this week Snook is making smoothies! Snook shows us how she makes her Kale smoothies to hide the vegetables for the non-vegetable lovers. Snook and her granddaughter Shayla take a taste test with glowing reviews!

Renee changed up Remote Roses this week and gave Roses to the WNBA organization!

Listen in to hear the rest of the show, and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends!

Remote Scoreboard: 6:18
Happening IRL: 24:55
Remote Game Show 30:44
Remote 1-on-1: 34:03
Remote Roots: 45:25
Remote Roses: 48:07

Produced by the Heartlent Group -​​

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