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Remotely Renee

Episode · 11 months ago

Ep 4 - This Holiday IRL


Welcome to Episode 4 of Remotely Renee-our special Christmas Episode! This week we discuss Christmas-themed subjects like–Is there such thing as a bad Christmas present or is it the thought that counts? We also talk about our favorite Christmas movies. Surveys have shown that Love Actually is one of the all-time favorites. What is your favorite movie? Renee speaks with WNBA player Karima Christmas-Kelly, who is doing amazing things this year through “Christmas For Kids”. We chat about NFL wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster picking up the layaway tabs at Burlington Coat Factory in Pittsburg to the tune of $12,550. Finally, Renee goes 1:1 with Atlanta recording artist Sirena Grace (who also happens to be her fiancé), who is releasing her debut Christmas song, “This Holiday” on today’s episode! Listen in to hear the rest of our Christmas-themed topics and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with your friends!

Remote Scoreboard - 4:25

Hero IRL - 12:20

Remote Reviews - 17:10

Remotely 1 on 1 - 25:52

Remote Roots - 44:16

Distant Dining - 49:48

Remote Roses - 58:00

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