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Ep 7 - We Won IRL


Welcome to this week’s episode of Remotely Renee! Renee begins the show with a new segment called “On This Day”, listing historical and other special events that happened on January 12th in previous years. Out of everything that happened, what stuck out to you the most?

Renee also discusses the historical event that happened at our nation’s capital on January 6th, which resulted in more than 60 policemen injured, with more than 15 still hospitalized, and 1 is in critical condition. What are your thoughts on what transpired that day?

For today’s Remote Roses, Renee gives Roses to the peaceful protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as those who voted in the presidential race and the Georgia election. In other topics, Renee and crew talk about the Florida Dolphins stadium opening up for Covid Testing and vaccines, with a goal to distribute a minimum of 1,000 vaccines a day to those 65+. Speaking of vaccines, Snook talks about the shocking history of why minorities are hesitant to take vaccines or trust, medical professionals. Paul talks about China constructing the E-sports facility of the world. There are currently 720 million gamers in China, so this will be right up their alley. China is doing it bigger and better than anyone!

Renee chats with lawyer, producer, and sports entertainment writer Kelsey Trainer (who has been referred to as the “Kevin Bacon” of Twitter). Check her out @ktrain_11. Renee also goes one on one with Caron “Tough Juice” Butler, Assistant Coach for the Miami Heat. As always, thank you for joining us this week. Listen in to hear the rest of the show and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with your friends!

Remote Scoreboard - 6:28

Happening IRL - 18:12

Remote 1:1 - 27:00

Remote Roots - 44:54

Remote Roses - 55:32 

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