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Ep 9 - Kidnapped IRL


Welcome to Episode 9 of Remotely Renee. As always, thank you for your support and for coming back each week to listen in.

Renee begins this episode with her 2-LIT-Crew taking shots for charity (hot sauce of course) for the Husky Ticket Project. The Husky Ticket Project is a 501C3 foundation that is donating 100% of the proceeds to athletics for children to play Husky sports.

This week’s remote scoreboard Renee and the 2-LIT-Crew ask the question “How much would you pay for a ticket to the super bowl?” They also talk about “Topps Now” (Biden Administration) cards and give lots of love to the huskies for numerous huskies doing great things on and off the court. Including Coach Geno Auriemma surpassing Pat Summit’s winning record as the winning coach in women’s Basketball history.

Oren Burks, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, is a REAL LIFE HERO, talking about his work off the field with the charity House of Hope. House of Hope is a charity that focuses on homelessness in the Green Bay area. He talks about this extension of works that started collegially and flowed over into his professional career.

Remote Show n’ Tell gave accolades to Red Bull for doing a duel magazine cover with Renee and also with Natasha Cloud. Acknowledging both women and not making them share the spotlight.

Remote 1 on 1 features Zack Stephen from Manchester City all the way in the United Kingdom where he discusses playing overseas and his experience playing for such a prestigious foundation.

Renee surprised the 2 Lit Crew with a remote review. But it wasn’t the usual movie review. It was a review of the inaugural services with everyone discussing what stood out in this historic event.

Gotcha! In this segment of Remote Roots Snook shares how she is a “Gotcha Baby” and explained the back story of Fannie Pearl and Will Smith’s gotcha moment and how she ended up living in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

Finally Remote Roses went out to all those who showed support and sent happy Birthday videos for Snook’s birthday! Snook was shocked and grateful for all the love.

Listen in to hear the rest of the show and please remember to rate, subscribe, and share with friends!

  • Remote Scoreboard: 2:58
  • Hero IRL: 14:44
  • Remote Show N’ Tell: 20:12
  • Remote 1 On 1: 24:13
  • Remote Reviews: 30:38
  • Remote Roots: 38:26
  • Remote Roses: 44:25

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